employment lawyer Toronto

Why do you need an employment lawyer?

Employment lawyers can help employees resolve a variety of disputes with their employers. Some of the most common disputes include:

Wage and hour disputes – Employees may believe that they are being misclassified as exempt from overtime requirements. Employment lawyers can help employees recover the lost wages they deserve for working more than 40 hours in a week without receiving time-and-a-half pay.

Wrongful termination – Employment lawyers can help when you believe that you were fired for discriminatory reasons or wrongfully accused of violating company policy when the real reason you were terminated was a layoff to save money. best employment lawyer Toronto can explore various options, including negotiating severance packages and filing wrongful termination lawsuits.

Discrimination – Employment Lawyers represent employees who have been discriminated against based on age, disability, gender identity, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth status, race or color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), sick leave usage under the Family and Medical Leave Act, suffocation on the job, and other circumstances. Employment lawyers can help employees recover lost wages and emotional distress damages.

Sexual harassment – Employment Sexual Harassment cases are one of the most common types of discrimination cases filed in this country. Employment Lawyers represent victims who were mistreated by their employers or co-workers. Employment Lawyers review allegations to determine whether you have a claim for sexual harassment against your employer.

Whistleblower protection – Employment Lawyers represent employees who report employer misconduct in the workplace.

Employment lawyer Toronto assists individuals who faced retaliation after reporting safety violations or other unlawful practices at their employer’s place of business under the Federal False Claims Act (qui tam provisions).severance negotiations – Employment lawyers can help you negotiate for severance, release agreements and other separation issues when your employment ends. Some Employment Lawyers review severance packages to ensure that employees receive all wages and benefits they are entitled to, while others focus exclusively on severance negotiation.

Benefits disputes – Employment lawyers may be able to help when an employee has questions about their health insurance coverage or claims for income replacement or temporary disability payments. Employment Lawyers can assist in reviewing benefit plans and determining what is and is not covered. Employment Lawyers also represent employees who have been denied an insurance claim or other benefit that they believe they are entitled to under their employer’s plan. Employment lawyers can help negotiate the settlement of benefits claims with insurance companies and employers, if necessary.

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